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¿What is Renderonesia ?

Renderonesia, was borned in 2003, as a personal project, a portfolio where I show my works, and name all those software needs to show my creativity.

LightwavePhotoshop, Adobe Premiere and Vue among others, they have been the most important things in this project,  although the common base for all my works has been Vue. That 3D landscape software, has evolutioned since the 4 version appears until present day, is  an important tool  for prestigious companies like "Nasa" or "Industrial light and magic" (to see sponsor).
Renderonesia, has known to adapt to these changes, in order to be a reference in the spanish language for all vue users' that visit the internet, looking for a piece of information, tutorials, resources and news about this 3D landscape.

In this year 2007 and with Vue stablished in the 3D market like aplication to integrate realist environmentals in important software package like 3D studio max, Lightwave, Maya and Cinema 4d, I have bet for an important Renderonesia new look, in order to the users navigate intuitive and easily through the web site. As a result, the web site desing has been adapted to simulate Vue 6 new interface. Also I have added a forum to share information about 3D landscape current software, like  Vue, Terragen, Bryce, Wold builder etc.

I wish you to be confortable and enjoy this web space, whose objective is to be a guide to use this wonderfull software, sharing with you knowledges, resources and doubts about 3D landscape.