Vue 10 Release available

03 - 11 - 2011

We are expecting to release the entire Vue 10 product line early November 2011*.

What's Coming in Vue 10

  • Spline and Road Tools: Vue 10 includes a comprehensive spline toolkit that can be used for EcoSystems, terrain effects, building roads or creating objects. An automatic Path-finding algorithm can also be used to build realistic roads at the surface of terrains.
  • Dynamic Rocks:Vue 10 features a library of dynamic rock templates that can be used to instantly create single rocks, groups of rocks, or use them in EcoSystems. Each time you create a rock from a template, a new and unique variation will be generated.
  • Water Shading Engine and Physical Transparency: Physical water adds absorption and scattering parameters to allow for realistic light absorption in the body of water. Ocean waves now accurately affect incident light to produce realistic underwater caustics.
  • Render Comparison: The new render display dialog now lets you stack and compare previous renders. You can overlay and compare 2 renders (including multi-pass layers) and use HDR difference tools for in depth analysis. Lightweight render clones can be created to test various postprocessing effects, without altering the original render.
  • EcoSystem Phase and Lean-out Control: Vue 10 lets you individually control the phase (animation offset) of animated elements inside EcoSystem populations for creating more natural animations. Phase is totally user-controllable on a per instance basis, using the function graph. EcoSystem Lean-out Control lets you define how the EcoSystem instances lean out towards zones of lower density.
  • Terrain Editing Improvements: You can now precisely preview the active zones when painting with a brush that has Environment Constraints applied. A new Custom 3D terrain brush is added to the brush collection. Mask rotation can also be enabled/disabled when painting in the terrain editor. Material painting in the terrain editor is markedly improved. A new Strata3D node is added for the creation of realistic canyon walls and stratified rock formations. And much more!
  • Edge-based Anti-Aliasing: A new edge-based anti-aliasing algorithm is added to complement the previous color-based anti-aliasing strategy. Both AA settings can be configured independently.
  • Improved Depth of Field and Motion Blur.
  • Up to 30% Faster Rendering Speed:Significant internal optimizations made to Vue 10's rendering engine will result in dramatically accelerated rendering.
  • And much more: new "Main View Defined" Aspect Ratio, Multiple Camera Aspect Ratio Variation, Improved Render Area, Texture Projection Node, Mixed Materials Alpha Channel, Collada Morph Targets...
  • Plus all the new features introduced in Vue 9.5 such as GPU Anti-Aliasing, FastHybrid Depth of Field, Atmosphere Relighting, Localized Cloud Layers, Advanced Cloud Control, Interactive Texture Placement, Custom Star Maps and more.

More details on the new features as well as the complete description pages will be published at the time of release.

Stay tuned for more images and videos in the coming days!
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Vue 9.5 Release available

05 - 05 - 2011

We are pleased to let you know that Vue 9.5 xStream and Vue 9.5 Infinite are now officially released! Here is a shortlist of some of the great new features available in Vue 8.5:

  • Advanced Cloud Control
  • Interactive Texture Placement
  • Localized Cloud Layers
  • GPU Anti-Aliasing
  • FastHybrid Depth of Field
  • Matte Shadow
  • MDD File Format
  • Atmosphere Relighting
  • Improved EcoPainting
  • Velocity Pass
  • World-Browser Accessibility

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CityEngine para Vue

12 - 11 - 2010

CityEngine Vue is standalone software with direct format export to all products of the Vue family (3D Artist and Professional solutions). With CityEngine Vue, users can:

  • Save time building complete 3D cities using industry-leading procedural technology,
  • Interactively try out different city designs (with immediate feedback),
  • Sketch streets and blocks with just a few clicks,
  • Copy real cities using data from,
  • Easily integrate 3D cities into Vue terrains and landscapes.

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Sketchup to Vue plugin

10 - 23 - 2010

The Sketchup Vue Exporter Plugin is a Ruby-based script application for Sketchup 7 and later which exports Sketchup models, sun direction, and cameras into Vue format.

The Plugin is accessed directly inside of Sketchup under the Plugins menu. When invoked, it will create a Vue .VOB model file complete with full Sketchup model geometries, components, groups and materials along with a Vue Scene Settings file for automatically importing the model, sun direction, and camera.

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